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Hunting Gear & Sports Equipment

We buy and sell Fishing Equipment, Hunting Equipment (Bows, Knives, Tree Stands), Golf Clubs, and more.




Are you looking for the perfect carry conceal to protect your family? We buy and sell Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, and Black powder.

We have firearms and firearm accessories at two locations Central Ave Columbus OH and South Bloomfield OH.


Firearm Procedures:

To pawn a firearm you must have a valid form of ID with your current address and photo.

To redeem your firearm:

  1. A Federal background check (NICS- National Instant Criminal Background Check) will be performed on an individual when reclaiming the firearm, and may take up to 3 business days.
  2. A form of picture ID is necessary when reclaiming any firearm loan. IT MUST BE VALID (cannot be expired) state issued photo ID with CURRENT ADDRESS.
  3. If you are denied by the FBI/ATF, and choose to appeal, you are responsible for keeping the service charges paid while doing so.
  4. If you are denied the right to reclaim your firearm by the FBI after the appeal, you will lose your firearm. The firearm cannot be released without approval from the FBI, and no refund of any kind will be given.
  5. The person that pawns the firearm is the only person that can redeem the firearm.
  6. If you are pawning a handgun you will need to provide an approved trigger lock. You will not be allowed to leave with your handgun without this safety device in accordance with the Child Safety Lock Act of 2005.

If you do not think you can pass the background check, DO NOT pawn your firearm!!